Green Tea

Green tea is healthy drink which is mostly consumed in Asian countries. Asian usually drink minimum 3 cups of Green Tea daily. Green tea has been used for different sicknesses such infection and digestion problems. It is good for nerves and some eye problems. People use the green tea leaves for insect stings and sun burns too. Green tea is good to cure some of the cancers such as breast, intestinal and ovaries.

Add hot water to one tea spoon green tea in a cup. Let it brew for 3 minutes and then drink it. It is also a great cure for Prostate cancer. Green tea lowers the Cholesterol and Chinese researchers claim that green tea can decrease Bad Cholesterol more than black tea. Green tea contains caffeine which helps human body to burn more calories even in sleep. Drinking Green tea changes the fatty acid to energy . Also the ECGC elements in green tea increases the metabolism, helps nerve system and decreases the weight. Substituting green tea to high calories drinks can help us to control and loose weight. Green tea has a good effect on skin. Washing your face with green tea makes your skin soft and pretty and reduces the acnes. It not only has a moisturizing effect on skin but also has an anti-bacterial effect and prevents aging . Green tea bag can be used as an eye pad to prevent wrinkles and the swell around the eyes.

Poly fennels in green tea helps absorbing the toxic substances in the skin and keeps moisture in the skin which prevents aging , wrinkles , black circles around eyes. Green tea makes the skin shinier and prevents oxidizing. There is also a substance in green tea which prevents dark spots on the skin. Green tea contains vitamin A and B which cures acne. You need to brew two to three tea bags in cold water and clean your clean face with and let it to be absorbed. To gain the best result you need to wash your face with green tea twice daily for 2 weeks. You need to put green tea bags on the spot or acnes for treating the acne or black spot on the skin.

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