Tea consists Caffeine which happens by brewing the leaves of the plant of Camellia Sinessis in boiling water. Main producing tea countries are China , India , Bangladesh , Pakistan , Iran , Korea , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , Japan , Australia, Argentina , Kenya , Indonesia and Nepal…

Tea leaves like any other fruits such as apple will be discolored, withered and oxidized after plucking and exposing to air and it is divided in 4 groups based on temperature and time of oxidation of tea leaves .The above actions will happen also after fermentation and disintegration of chlorophyll which results to releasing the tannin in tea leaves.

Actually the oxidation is stopped in each groups by emitting the water of the leaves through heat and each tea leaf undergoes different procedures to become fine tea. Black tea is leaf, bud and fine stem of plant named camellia. Tea is distributed in the market in different packages and sizes after procedures such as fermentation and drying. It is said that the first tea bushes were planted in China 2700 before BC which the brewed tea was consumed for relaxing.

Tea is the most favorite drink in all over the world after water. It is said that 18 to 20 million cups of tea have been consumed daily in this world. Tea is a stimulant mild drink which this is related to caffeine in tea.

In the Iranian Culture tea is the most consumed agricultural product which everybody from kid to elders from rich to poor drink daily and it is a cause to gather and enjoy the time. The annual tea consumption in Iran has a portion of 4 to 5.4 percent of the world tea consumption. So Iranian have the highest consumption of Black tea.

Drinking more than 2 cups of tea daily decreases risk of heart attack by 44%. This drink also controls high blood pressure and controls Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Green tea consumption prevents different kind of cancers such as gastrointestinal cancer, bladder and prostate cancers. Studies have shown that green tea consumption improves the immune system from influenza.

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